June 2012
La Ceiba, Honduras (Central America)

Honduras: A photovoltaic system for the Lyoness Foundation School

Constructing a photovoltaic system for the Lyoness Foundation School (Escuela Lyoness) in La Ceiba, Honduras

Many developing countries have made huge efforts in expanding their school systems and make it possible to at least provide an elementary school education. However, there are many parents that do not have the money necessary for school costs, such as stationary and books. Their children stay at home and work for the family. The school system is still lacking in many developing countries. It is often the case that the school is too far away, in a bad condition, and that the classes are too big.

Unless they attend school, the people have almost no chance to overcome poverty and to improve their quality of life. Education means to be able to read and write. Once they can do this, they will then have access to information and job opportunities that those without education do not have.

The Child & Family Foundation together with the Medical Center La Ceiba Foundation is building the first Lyoness Foundation School. In the “Escuela Lyoness” children and adolescents not only receive a basic education following the Lyoness Education Program, but also adults will have the opportunity to attend evening courses to catch up on their education, or to learn a profession. The school building will be a place to receive an education and will also be a social meeting place for the residents of the community.

To support the school the Greenfinity Foundation will install a large photovoltaic system with a performance of 13 kWp. It will be able to provide almost all the electricity needed by the school and thereby reduce operating costs. Thus the school will have more money for teaching materials, furniture and other things needed. Additionally, the photovoltaic systems will raise awareness of alternative energies and the ways they can be used.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • minimising the school’s operating costs
  • using alternative energy sources
  • reducing CO2-emissions
  • raising awareness of alternative ways of generating electricity
  • supporting children, teenagers and families in need
Projekt Location

La Ceiba, Honduras (Central America)

Project period
April 2012 – July 2012

The costs of establishing and maintaining the photovoltaic systems are covered entirely by the Greenfinity Foundation. In response the Escuela Lyoness will sign over the ecological savings to the Greenfinity Foundation.

Convenantee group

Children, teenager und adults in need

Project partner

Child & Family Foundation
Medical Centre La Ceiba Foundation