June 2022
Bahia, Brazil

Water for the region of Bahia, Brazil

Water is the source of life. Providing wells improves the living conditions.

Drought characterizes the scenery in Bahian in Brazil. Due to climate change, the situation is worsening continously. The Greenfinity Foundation is building wells for the communites so that they have access to water nearby.

Thirst is a constant issue for residents of the Bahia region in northeastern Brazil. Permanent drought prevails in this area and climate change has caused the situation to deteriorate dramatically in recent years. Rain fails to arrive in the rainy season and the population has no water for their fields and their cattle, nor for day-to-day hygiene or to drink. Disease and infection are the result, making the lives of the people much more difficult.

Dürre in Bahia Brasilien
Hausarbeit ohne Wasser

It is mainly great soy producers who buy up land in large parts of Brazil. This is why poor farmers frequently lose their land. Many of them were forced to move to the dry and barren Bahia area in northeast Brazil.
It would be impossible for the residents – who provide for themselves by growing vegetables and fishing – to access water without help, meaning that eventually they would have to migrate and settle in the larger cities.

The Styrian “Verein für Quellen & Hilfsprojekte” (association for springs and aid projects) found out that there is enough ground water in this area to secure survival of the people. It constructs water wells in a quick and simple manner, which secure water supply for the people.

Wasserzugang für eine Community in Bahia

The Greenfinity Foundation has been working since November 2013 together with the Styrian association “Verein für Quellen & Hilfsprojekte” and donors from all over the world to help as many people as possible get clean drinking water. If you would also like to help, you can do so easily here:

With only 600 euros, it is possible to build a well in Bahia that supplies up to four families with clean water!

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • climate protection → counteract slash-and-burn land clearance
  • preserving vegetation and biodiversity
  • securing water supply for people living in the area  → they are not dependent on dirty water
  • counteract illnesses caused by polluted water
  • make growing of vegetables possible
  • provide a livelihood for landless farmers
Projekt Location

Bahia area, Brazil

Project period
from November 2013

The Greenfinity Foundation bears any costs in relation to construction, maintenance and repair of the wells.

Convenantee group

More than 4,000 people, a school and a hospital

Project partner

“Verein für Quellen & Hilfsprojekte” (association for springs and aid projects)
Associação de Projeto Agua y Vida (APAV) (Brasilien)