We are setting ambitious objectives

Together for our world. A future together.

Innovative climate protection projects should minimise the negative impact of humans on our environment.

With the environmental protection projects, we wish to ensure the preservation of habitats.

Equitable access to natural resources as well as help to regions affected by climate change should restore the global equilibrium.

„Die größte Bedrohung für unseren Planeten
ist der Glaube,
dass  jemand anderes

ihn retten wird.“

Robert Swan

What motivates us

The aim of the Greenfinity Foundation is to preserve earth's natural habitats and resources as well as its biodiversity. We are establishing a living environment, in which each inhabitant bears the responsibility for their actions. This action should be driven by the thought of living one's life in harmony with the environment.

Our actions leave traces

We should consider ourselves guests on this planet, who are borrowing the resources for the time we are inhabiting it. It is our responsibility to preserve this planet and to pass it on to the next generation as unscathed as possible.

We deprive earth of is resources to produce goods on a daily basis and emit pollutants during said production and use. Our environment can only compensate and reproduce a part of the raw materials taken by mankind.

There is no plan(et) B

To pass on a sustainable planet on to the next generation, we should keep our negative impact on the environment as minimal as possible. Our aim should be to create a world in which environmental protection forms a part of our everyday life.



Our contribution towards a "greener" world

The call to save the world has ceased to be an excessive demand of individual activists. Studies and research findings prove that our current lifestyle is making our world "ill". Each person is therefore required to do their bit towards protecting the environment, our climate and preserving natural habitats. Raising awareness on various environmental issues therefore plays an important role. Only then can the responsibility of environmental protection be successfully integrated into our daily lives, for example in the form of environmental protection projects.

Photovoltaics for a green future

Protecting natural habitats

We do not want to sit by and watch as our natural resources are slowly but surely being destroyed. Special attention should therefore be paid to the preservation of threatened habitats for future generations. For this reason, the Greenfinity Foundation constantly strives to promote the protection of our environment, nature and its species.


Waste collecting activity
Carbon footrpint

„Zero emission“ and reducing the ecological footprint

Every person leaves an ecological footprint behind. It is our aim that we all keep our footprint as small as possible. The Greenfinity Foundation therefore wishes to raise awareness and supports climate protection measures. "Zero emission" means a reduction of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere and a decrease in energy consumption. Our commitment also includes the promotion of alternative energy sources.

Restoring social equilibrium

On the one hand, our support is aimed at the people who live in regions that are greatly affected by climate change. On the other hand, we also wish to support disadvantaged population groups through innovative energy projects to facilitate their daily lives and contribute towards climate protection.

We can change the world together!