One bathtub full of water for one cup of coffee

Water consumption is not only what you take directly from the tub

Drinking one cup of coffee requires 140 litres of water and a café latte requires 200 litres, which is more than one bathtub filled with water.

How much water does it take to make a cup of coffee? One quarter of a litre? That doesn’t sound like much. But did you know that the production of one single cup of coffee requires one whole bathtub of water?

The entire production process, from sowing the coffee plants to watering, harvesting and roasting the beans, to packaging and shipping the finished product, requires a vast amount of water.140 litres of water are necessary for the production of a normal cup of coffee. A café latte requires 200 litres of water.
The largest amount of water is consumed in the coffee’s region of origin. In these regions water is often a scarce commodity and the local population depend upon it, however, the cultivation of coffee is an important source of income.

Use water economically: only make as much coffee as you can drink and finish it before it gets cold. If your coffee does get cold simply remember: Drink coffee cold and never look old! But that’s another story…