SolarTemple & Greenfinity - a perfect team for climate protection

With SolarTempel we have found a donation partner whose work is one hundred percent in line with one of our core concerns: the promotion of renewable energy and the advancement of the energy transition.

Solar power from your own rooftop within 20 weeks of placing the order


In times of greatly increased interest in independence from electricity price uncertainty, fear of supply shortages, and the resulting run on solar systems and the sometimes utopian long waiting times that result, what sounds almost too good to be true is a reality at SolarTempel thanks to meticulous planning and forward-looking logistics.

The vision of the two managing directors Ramazan Karakaya and Ömür Samhal is a world in which energy from climate-damaging fossil fuels such as coal or potentially dangerous sources such as nuclear energy is history. The fact that we still have a very long way to go before we get there only motivates them even more to accelerate this development.

Ramazan Karakaya& Ömür Samhal, Geschäftsführer der SolarTempel GmbH

Ramazan Karakaya & Ömür Samhal, managing directors of SolarTempel GmbH

Each household that decides to switch partially or even completely to solar energy is a step in the right direction. This development shouldn't be slowed down by endless waiting times and inferior quality. Our task is to accompany people who want to take this important step as efficiently and quickly as possible and to provide them with high-quality equipment in the shortest possible time in order to sustainably produce electricity from the inexhaustible source of the sun.

That is why they also guarantee that the solar modules will already be mounted on the roof of the house within 8 to 10 weeks and can be put into operation no later than 20 weeks after the order is placed.

SolarTemple also places special emphasis on the origin and production conditions of the fullback and blackframe solar modules they assemble. These come exclusively from German and Turkish production and have multiple certifications:

Zertifikate der verwendeten Solarmodule

The company is also listed in the BNEF Tier 1 report of bank financeable manufacturers. This report allows a transparent differentiation between PV manufacturers on the market. Tier 1 distinguishes the manufacturers with the highest reliability from the financier's point of view.


Starting in May 2023, SolarTempel GmbH will donate a portion of every PV system sold through our partner myWorld Shopping Community in Austria and Germany to the environmental and climate protection projects of the Greenfinity Foundation!

Are you thinking about switching to solar energy and would like some non-binding consultation? Our new donation partner has set up contact addresses exclusively for customers from the myWorld Shopping Community: