Adopt an olive tree

Adopt an olive tree and help reforest Salento's olive groves!


As a thank you for your support, a new tree will be named after you and a plaque with your name will be placed on it. This olive tree will then become your own personal foster tree and will keep your name even if you decide not to extend your sponsorship in the future. For the duration of your sponsorship, you will also have the opportunity to receive 12 personalized 0.75 liter bottles of the finest extra virgin olive oil each December.*


In addition, you will of course receive a certificate about your adopted tree and have the opportunity to visit the olive grove itself and be present at the pressing of the olive oil, if you wish and after making an appointment


* Shipping costs for deliveries within Italy can be covered by our project partner. However, we ask for your understanding that the shipping costs for deliveries outside Italy must be charged separately depending on the country. This is necessary so that your donation can be fully used for the care and protection of your olive tree. However, you are really only paying for the shipping, the 12 bottles of olive oil itself are a small gift from your tree as a thank you for each month of support. Furthermore, we ask for your understanding that for organizational reasons only sponsorships concluded by the end of October of each year can be considered for an olive oil delivery in the same year. All sponsorships entered into from November 1 onwards will be considered for the delivery of olive oil in the following year. If you want to know more about shipping costs or about the project in general, just send us an email to


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