Aquavital and Greenfinity – Joining forces for our environment

Better water quality without electricity or chemicals - that's the promise of our new donation partner Aquatec, the company behind the terrific water treatment system Aquavital!

When Leo Schriefl, company founder and developer of Aquavital, invented the revolutionary simple, environmentally friendly and sustainable system for water treatment in the late 1990s, he never expected to deliver his magnetic field-based system around the globe in 2023. But today, this no longer surprises anyone. Over the years, the Murtaler Kalkmagnet has proven its worth and now occupies a permanent place in the homes of countless enthusiastic users - from Austria and the rest of Europe to the Arab world.


Aquavital - Environmentally friendly water softening with permanent magnets


The Aquavital system is one of the most sustainable systems on the market. Once purchased, it does not consume any other resources. There is no maintenance, no filter change, no wearing parts and it works completely without electricity or chemicals. As if that wasn't reason enough to consider buying it, the device also indirectly contributes to a great saving of detergents through the neutralization of lime and, above all, to an increased life span of equipment, thus additionally protecting the environment.


How Aquavital works


Neutralizing lime with magnets? Although it sounds complicated at first, it's actually not.

Through the special arrangement of differently polarized individual magnetic fields, it is possible to reshape lime crystals.

These magnetic "force fields" are projected through the pipe wall and act on the contents of the water pipe. Structureless lime particles are formed, which do not cause hard deposits. These lime particles are flushed out with the water.

At the same time, carbonic acid is released, which can slowly dissolve already existing deposits. The increased oxygen content improves the energy balance.


The higher surface formation causes an improvement of the bioavailability of the minerals in the water.



So funktioniert Aquavital

The advantages of this revolutionary system


Softer water brings many health benefits as well as some relief in everyday life.


This is how our health benefits from the Aquavital Lime Magent

Gesundheitliche Aspekte

How household, wallet and our environment benefit

Praktische Aspekte

Aquavital at a glance


From August 2023, the Upper Styrian family business will donate a portion of every Aquavital lime magnet sold via the myWorld Shopping Community to the environmental and climate protection projects of the Greenfinity Foundation! But it gets even better: myWorld shoppers receive 3% cashback + 8% shopping points for every online order!

For more info about our new donation partner and the Murtaler Kalkmagneten click here.