Be a hero - now also at morning coffee

SanSiro and GFF_Be a hero

Around since October 2021: our donation partnership with SanSiro and thus also the stunningly beautiful SanSiro SMART capsule machine in Greenfinity design!

Sustainability and environmental protection have played a central role for the Austrian trading company SanSiro since its founding. SanSiro has not only aligned its entire product range therewith, but also takes on additional responsibility by supporting environmental protection associations. We are delighted to be the second association, alongside OneTreePlanted, in which the company has placed its trust.


SanSiro SMART in Greenfinity Design


For our donation partnership with SanSiro, we have come up with something special: SanSiro customers now have the opportunity to purchase the popular Sansiro SMART in Greenfinity's exclusive design for 79.99 euros:

8 euros from every coffee machine sold in one of our two designs automatically benefits our environmental protection projects.


Responsible Indulgence with SanSiro Organic Coffee


SanSiro attaches great importance to environmentally friendly and, above all, healthy production methods. It was therefore a natural step for the company to focus on organic coffee and tea, as this means that no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used in cultivation. Both coffee and tea are grown in mixed culture, which has some advantages over conventional cultivation in monoculture:


  • In addition to coffee plants, this allows other shade-loving plants to grow, such as tangerine bushes.

  • The soil is better loosened, which makes it easier to store water and protects it from erosion.

  • Mixed cultivation counteracts pest infestation. This makes it possible to dispense with pesticides, which in turn protects groundwater and helps to preserve fertile soil.

  • Conventional cultivation requires the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are a burden on our health and the environment. This can be avoided by the method of cultivation, the beans selected for SanSiro coffee.


Furthermore, all teas and coffees are harvested by hand, produced CO2 neutral and packed in vegan, aluminum- and plastic-free as well as compostable capsules. You can find more information about our donation partner here.