A big thank you to the Greenfinity community



PFAU Promise Foundation Austria





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vienna, November 11, 2022



Dear Greenfinity Community!


Finally! After years of waiting, the travel regulations allow us to visit Kariyangwe/Zimbabwe again. For the fifth time we were allowed to visit our elementary school in Kariyangwe this September. Ten years have passed since our first trip and a lot has happened in the meantime. A drinking water well, a daily lunch for the school children, solar power and over 200 sponsorships are just a few examples of the numerous projects we have been able to implement to date.

What amazed us the most during our trip was the great feedback from almost all the people we met in Kariyangwe. Not only have our projects and sponsorships improved student performance and provided a better learning environment, but the population around the school is also benefiting from our work. Since the school now has sufficient funds, artisans and small farmers from the surrounding area can now earn an income by doing maintenance work on the school buildings or selling food to the school canteen. The money from our sponsorships and projects thus stimulates the economy in the entire region, which we saw during our trip, among other things, in the fact that people are building stores and planting new fields.

During a visit of the district education officer in the district capital Binga, he explained to us that the elementary school in Kariyangwe is now even the best in the whole district.

All these successes would never have been possible without our donors of the Greenfinity Community and we would like to thank you very much!


Best regards from Vienna,


Yours Claus, chairman of PFAU