A big thank you to the Greenfinity community!



                                                                                                                                                                                              Linz, Feburary 28th 2023



Dear Greenfinity Community!


Thanks to you, we have so far been able to grow and protect 110 copper beeches, 71 silver firs and 71 maples in a new climate-stable mixed forest!

Annual audits (controls) guarantee the conservation of the forests for the 55-year period of use in the heart of Europe in Upper Austria, Suben, and the careful use of your funds.
The forests found there consist mostly of pure spruce stands and these are being severely affected by climate change due to rising temperatures. You are thus also supporting us in the creation of gigantic biodiversity oases, preventing the nutrient-rich forest soil from drying out.
As soon as the planted trees are strong enough to spread their seeds by the wind, a natural regeneration (natural seed approach) can take place at the same time for the surrounding spruce reincrops (forest areas consisting of spruce trees).

Without our donors of the Greenfinity Community this would not have been possible and we send you nature-loving greetings - THANK YOU!

Your Baumbuddy-Team