A gift that saves lives

Are you on the hunt for that special Christmas present? What about something this year that doesn’t just bring joy to the receiver but also saves lives – like a well in Brazil?

Whether it’s for yourself, your family or your friends – donating a well is a very special present. It would also work well as an expression of appreciation for your team or employees. By donating a well, you create a memorable gift that saves lives!


Why is your donation so important?

Like many of us, health is top of the Christmas wish list for families living in our project region, Bahia. However, we have one vital ally protecting us against the Corona virus which families in Bahia sadly don’t have: clean running water!

Wasser ist Leben!
Viele Menschen in Bahia haben keinen Zugang zu sauberem Wasser.

Whilst we need only turn on the tap to pour ourselves a glass of water, the closest, safe drinking well is often quite a trek for families living in Bahia. As a result, people are defenselessly at the mercy of the coronavirus, but also many other dangerous infectious diseases.

If you donate just 500 Euros, we can build a well which will provide up to four families with safe, clean drinking water. In doing so, you give the people of this region a chance for a healthier future.

Mit deiner Spende ermöglichst du den Zugang zu sauberen Trinkwasser für bis zu vier Familien!
Mit deiner Spende schenkst du Leben!

How do you turn your donation into a gift?



Quite simple! Donate a well to our well-building project in Brazil and let us know who you’d like to dedicate your well to. You will receive a certificate which is made out to the dedicatee – the perfect Christmas surprise for your loved ones or your team! As soon as the well is finished, a dedicatory plaque will be attached and you will receive a photo of the new well for you to keep.

Wir sagen „Danke“!