Litter Picking in Italy

On 27th June 2021, dozens of people gathered in the "La Timpa" nature reserve in the Acireale region to rid the Ionian coastline around the popular fishing village Santa Maria La Scala of plastic. The well-attended event was organised by the Italian NGO Plastic Free in close cooperation with the Greenfinity Foundation and other strong partners, such as myWorld Italia, Hub, Maravì, L’impulso, Il Nodo community and Sicilian Fungaioli.

The Greenfinity Foundation was represented by Marco Palazzolo and a team of committed volunteers who, together with representatives of myWorld Italia and other companies and associations, as well as countless volunteers from the region, cleared the coastline of a total 300 kilograms of plastic waste.


However, the aim of this event was not only to collect litter, but also to make people living in the surrounding area aware of topics such as environmental protection and sustainability. Many immigrant associations from the area got involved in this fantastic event and it also succeeded in bringing locals and newcomers together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Palazzolo and all the volunteers for their hardwork!