Plant trees with CleanlyEco

Doing laundry while supporting our mixed forest reforestation project in Europe! Thanks to our new donation partner Weost Handel, this is now possible!

We are incredibly excited that we could win the Viennese company Weost Handel, the exclusive distributor of the revolutionary CleanlyEco laundry strips in Austria and Germany, as a new donation partner, because: With this cooperation, the entire package is just right!

Patrick Wiliam Sator, Eigentümer von WEOST Handel

Patrick William Sator, Eigentümer und Geschäftsführer von WEOST Handel

WEOST Handel

Unser neuer Spendenpartner WEOST Handel

When choosing our donation partners, we take great care to ensure that our projects and our name are not misused for greenwashing. That's why it's also particularly important for us to get to know the companies and their managers to see if we're on the same wavelength. In the case of owner and CEO Patrick William Sator, there was no doubt from the outset that nature and its protection are close to his heart. That's why we're all the more delighted that our project for the reforestation of European mixed forests was able to inspire him so much that he decided to donate part of the purchase price of each package of CleanlyEco laundry strips sold through the myWorld Shopping Community in Austria and Germany to this project.


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CleanlyEco - the gamechanger among detergents

CleanlyEco washing strips revolutionize the future of laundry! And we're not just saying that because we're personally absolutely blown away by them!
One of the reasons is their incredibly practical application. But take a look for yourself:



Ingenious, isn't it? But of course, that alone is by no means enough to sweep us off our feet. What really convinced us were the ingredients and the packaging of the tiny washing miracles.


CleanlyEco laundry strips work without any:


  • aggressive chemicals
  • optical brighteners
  • phosphate
  • preservatives
  • parabens

at all.

And, as if that wasn't great enough, all ingredients are also biodegradable. Also important for our health and especially for allergy sufferers and parents of young children is that they contain no fragrances and are therefore hypoallergenic. Because of their gentle ingredients, they are also perfect for washing by hand and in addition, they are very economical, making them perfect for quickly washing a few garments in between, for example, when traveling.

Good for our health, good for our environment


For us as environmentalists and conservationists, however, it's not just the ingredients that have to pass strict tests, but of course also the packaging and the production itself. For example, exactly the same product in an environmentally harmful plastic packaging would not have received a thumbs up from us, even if the ingredients absolutely convince us.

But CleanlyEco can also fully score in this area. The laundry strips are made of environmentally friendly materials and are suitable for daily use. In addition, the easily degradable FSC-certified packaging, the delivery in a recyclable box and the fact that due to the low weight 30x less transport emissions and thus 94% less C02 are generated during transport than with conventional detergents convince us all along the line. After all, 10 packs weigh only 500 grams and are enough for up to 320 wash loads! By way of comparison, a pack of conventional liquid detergent weighs an average of 3 kilograms and is usually only enough for up to 60 wash loads. That is pure sustainability!


Especially important is also that they are completely vegan and guaranteed to be produced without animal testing. The fact that their sale now also contributes to reforesting climate-stable mixed forests makes them the perfect choice for your next detergent purchase.