The simplest gifts often bring the greatest joy!

You can help change this: By donating a well you are not only gifting water but also giving life. A well can be built for already 500 Euros. Find more information about the project "Water for Bahia"
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Giving gifts is a luxury

Especially now in the pre-Christmas season, we are rushing through shopping malls or helplessly surfing the internet to find the right gift. We often lack gift ideas, as our loved ones usually already have all that they need.
Not everyone is so lucky. The thought of having to give gifts is a source of immense pressure on some families. Although they have enough ideas, they lack the financial means. Many do not give presents a single thought, as their focus lies on having merely the necessities to survive, which includes water.

Water shortage is not a rarity

Christianity tells the tale of how Jesus turned water into wine. This would be an impossible feat in some parts of the world in which water is scarce.
More than 800 million people worldwide do not have running water for the use of toilets or showers. Having clean water from a tap can also not be taken for granted. Firstly, as clean water is often non-existent and secondly, as the water is contaminated. 29% of all people do not have access to clean drinking water. And the trend is not being reversed: Since 1992, the available drinking water per capital has been reduced by a quarter.

Water is life - Bahia is suffering a drought

Your donation will help the people in Bahia, an extremely dry region in Brazil. Such support would ensure the water supply for approximately four families and offer these people a basis of life.
Your donation amount can of course be freely selected. Perhaps you would like to finance the construction of a well with a donation of 500 Euro? The well will be dedicated to you. You will also receive a photo of the families benefiting from their new well. Furthermore, a plaque with your name will be mounted close to the well.


By donating a well, you are not only gifting water but also giving life:

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Greenfinity Foundation - Verein zum Schutz der Umwelt
Bank: Unicredit Bank Austria
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Subject: Well for Bahia

We thank you for your support!