March 2013
Nicaragua – area surrounding the city San Juan de Limay Germany – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Germany and Nicaragua: Reforesting projects

Compensation of the Carbon-Footprint let a Lyoness forest bloom

Climate change and overexploitation of non-renewable resources, such as oil, are very serious problems. In order to improve this situation, Greenfinity will start reforestation projects in Germany and Nicaragua. Local tree species will be planted on fallow and barren soil in order to grow wood, an important resource which can be used by locals instead of oil, kerosene or lignite. Reforestation also creates vital resources for animals and plants as well as new habitats for endangered species. Further, a livelihood will be created for local farmers and foresters, which will be secured because of the project’s long-term set-up and sustainable management. Additionally, sustainable climate improvement will thereby be achieved.

With this project, Greenfinity wants to offer Lyoness Members and employees the opportunity to compensate for caused environmental impact, which can be calculated via Greenfinity’s Mobility Calculator. So they can contribute to improving the environmental situation and creating Lyoness forests for climate protection in Nicaragua and Germany.

The area surrounding the city San Juan de Limay in Nicaragua has been chosen for reforestation because the soil was deprived of important nutrients due to extensive agricultural use. By means of a reforestation project the ecological balance of the soil can be restored and habitats for plants and animals can be created. Reforestation and management of the forests create important jobs, which counters the great poverty in the area. Apart from timber species also fruit trees will be planted, which are a vital resource for the local people and an additional source of income for the forest workers.
This project was certified with Plan Vivo Standard, which takes ecological as well as social improvement and the check of an increase in biodiversity into consideration.

The area that will be reforested is partially wasteland and partially land overgrown with bushes. Its natural state will be restored. The uncultivated area will be planted with a site-appropriate mixed forest consisting of common alders, hornbeams and others. Beavers will find a new habitat in the reforested area. Apart from climate protection, these measures also have a positive impact on the area’s soil development and contribute to the development of biotopes.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Creating a forest as an important supplier of resources (substitute for oil, kerosene and lignite)
  • Wasteland will be revived - creating habitats for plants and animals
  • Reducing poverty among the population by creating a livelihood for farmers through reforestation and management of the forests
  • Protection of many animal species
  • Forests as an important part in stabilising global climate
  • Restoration of biodiversity
Projekt Location

Nicaragua – area surrounding the city San Juan de Limay Germany – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Project period
From February 2013
Project partner

PrimaKlima-weltweit- e.V.

  • PrimaKlima is a non-profit association, which realises reforestation projects all over the world.
  • Exists for more than 20 years
  • Certified association – DZI Spendensiegel (seal of approval for donations) (transparency, reporting duties, non-profit, low operating costs)