October 2014
Volos, Griechenland

Greece: Thermal rehabilitation of an orphanage

The Greenfinity helps to provide a warm home for orphans

The orphanage in the Greek city of Volos is currently home to 30 children. The radiators in the rooms did not provide enough heat and so it has never been warmer than 18° Celsius in winter. Also, the boiler in the kitchen did not produce enough warm water for everyone. Because of the difficult economic situation in Greece the orphanage does not get any financial support from the government to bear electricity costs.
This is why Greenfinity decided to install new radiators having higher calorific value but producing fewer CO2 emissions. Greenfinity also bought a solar boiler which produces enough warm water for the kitchen. This way the orphanage can save up to 600 Euro a year.
In mid-September a small inauguration took place for which loyalty merchants and Lyconet marketers provided food and drinks. On top of that the children were given school bags, clothes and useful school materials, which was a big surprise for them.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Promoting environmental protection at a local level
  • Raising awareness
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Cost savings for the orphanage
  • Increased quality of life for the children
Projekt Location

Volos, Griechenland

Project period
September 2014

Thermal rehabilitation of the orphanage in Volos was entirely financed by the Greenfinity Foundation.

Convenantee group

Currently 30 children living in the orphanage aged between six and 18. Savings in CO2 emissions protect the environment.

Project partner

Orfanotrofeio Volou Filanthropiko Idryma (orphanage in Volos)

This project was supported by:
Aroma Café – Dimitrios Kourentis, To Chorio – Xhemal Nacko-Mucollari, Kava Nektar – Evangelos Bousias, Alien – Odysseas Kalapanidas, Kiniti Tilefonia – Georgios Ntintis, Despoina Zerva, Ioannis Doudoglou, Georgios Bakalexis
Greenfinity thanks everyone involved for their great commitment and support!