A Christmas tree for eternity

Christmas is without a doubt the most magical time of the year! Enchanting lights, Christmas music, candlelight, the smell of cookies, cuddling by the fireplace or mulled wine at the Christmas market. To make the Christmas mood complete, one thing also must not be missing: the Christmas tree! Whether for the little ones as a place under which the “Christkind“ or Santa Claus puts the gifts, for us big as a joy giver and mood bringer and for the whole family as a place where everyone gathers, sing together and simply enjoy the time.



How about planting a tree in Austria or the Amazon rainforest this year in addition to your own Christmas tree at home? A Christmas tree that lasts forever and brings joy and clean air for many years to come!

Choose if you want to contribute with your tree to reforest a mixed forest in Austria...

Ich möchte einen Baum in Österreich pflanzen!
Ich möchte einen Baum im Amazonas Regenwald pflanzen!

No matter where you want to plant your tree, you are making an important contribution to protecting our climate and maintaining the ecological balance on our planet. After all, every tree counts!


Thank you!


We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas!