The first 1000 trees have been planted

Thanks to amazing support from Antal Gergics and his dedicated team, the first 1000 trees were planted last December.

For a long time it seemed like the Corona pandemic would prevent us from progressing with our reforestation plans in Hungary in 2020. The outbreak of the pandemic, the accompanying measures required to contain the corona virus and travel restrictions made it almost impossible for us to start with the planned reforestation activities. In December, however, the time had finally come and 500 trees could be planted in each of the communities of Ujcsalános and Boldva. This was only possible due to the tremendous dedication of our long-time supporter Antal Gergics and his amazing team, who were committed to our reforestation project in their home country Hungary from the very beginning.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank them very much indeed for their support!

Antal Gergics und Lilla Gondola, who supportet our reforestation project from the start.
Péter Kormos, who supported our reforestation project from the start.
The first 1000 trees have been planted.