June 2022

10,000 trees for Hungary

Tree planting campaign in Hungary in collaboration with the Child & Family Foundation

Our changing lifestyle increasingly exploits the natural world. We have heard a lot about the consequences. It's time: let's tackle the issue. Are you in? Then support our tree planting project in Hungary. 

Climate change affects us all, on a global scale. For one thing, no one can claim that their life is climate neutral. For another thing, everyone will feel the effects of climate change; some regions, however, more than others, such as Austria and Hungary. 

"We're looking at a hot, dry future"

It is predicted that these countries will experience more heatwaves. At the same time, we'll miss out on much-needed precipitation and so will the melons and peppers growing in our fields: Hungary, the 16th country most endangered by drought. So our future's looking hot and dry. 

Drought in europe climate change

Our cities can barely breathe

Cities will experience the worth effects of this phenomenon. Cities are losing their green spaces to housing and infrastructure. However, these green spaces are urgently needed if temperatures rise, irrespective of whether they improve the air quality or lower the temperature as studies increasingly show that it's always a few degrees cooler in the leafy-green suburbs than in the concrete jungle. 

Budapest Photo by bruce mars from Pexels
Hungary goes green

Hungary goes green

Hungary has decided that it doesn't want to watch from the sidelines any longer and has much in the planning stages. As part of their national strategy on climate change, they are focusing on reforestation. So that the natural world can breathe freely again, the government wishes to plant 50 million trees in Hungary.

Let's save the planet together

Just as everyone does their bit to pollute the environment, they can also help to restore the natural world to its former glory. The hungarians are evidently aware of this as they have don't just want to plant 50 million trees on public land: the entire population will take part in the project, so private individuals have also committed to reforest their property.

"In Budapest alone, just over 10,000 trees were planted in the last three years."

We're in!

We're also of the opinion that it's possible to design a sustainable future.  It's not just the adults who have to change their approach. The next generation also needs to be aware of climate change and how to handle it.  That's why we would like to set up a tree planting project with the help of the Child & Family Foundation.

Plantung 10000 trees for a greener Hungary

10,000 trees for a greener Hungary

Our collective goal is to plant thousands of trees in collaboration with schools and local partners.  This campaign should not only help to protect the environment but also to raise awareness amongst the population. 

Get involved! The more supporters we have, the more trees we can plant!

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • make a contribution to climate protection by reforestation activities
  • raise awareness
  • get the population involved in environmental protection
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Project period
as of November 2019
Concrete Realisation
  • Plant 10,000 trees in Hungary
Convenantee group
  • global environmental protection
  • the Hungarian population
Project partner