Greenfinity Foundation mourns the death of KinderHilfe Philippinen-Founder Jürgen Schneidt

We are deeply saddened by the death of our friend and partner Jürgen Schneidt, the founder of KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V.

The Greenfinity Foundation team and Jürgen Schneidt shared a long-standing friendship. We had the privilege of getting to know Jürgen in 2012, when the Greenfinity Foundation built a photovoltaic system for his orphanage on the Philippine island of Leyte. At that time, we also began working with our long-time project partner, San Roque Elementary School, whom Jürgen supported with great dedication. For the Greenfinity Foundation team, Jürgen has remained an important point of reference and a friend ever since.


KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V. was founded in 1985 in Padre Burgos on the Philippine island of Leyte. Then, in 1986, construction began on the Kinderdorf, an orphanage that houses around 100 children with complex life stories. Most of them come from the poorest backgrounds, some of them have been abused in the past, and many of them struggle with health problems. At the Children's Village, they have found a new home where they are lovingly cared for. They receive  medical care and a good education. Also everything else that they need to grow up safe and secure is taken care of.


When the Greenfinity Foundation's collaboration with San Roque Elementary School began, Jürgen was a reliable project partner, colleague and committed ally on site from the very beginning. At that time, running his own organization and taking care of the Kinderdorf already took up much of his time. Nevertheless, he took the time to share his expertise and extensive experience with us in order to support the school in the best possible way. This collaboration eventually developed into a friendship that has lasted all these years.


In all the years we have been working in the Philippines, we have never failed to visit Jürgen and his children's village during our project trips and to talk to him about the future of the children of Padre Burgos.


In the course of his life, Jürgen saved many lives and touched countless hearts, including ours. Rest in peace, dear Jürgen!


Jürgen Schneidt, Founder "KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V."

Learn more about Jürgen Schneidt's life's work, the association KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V. here. (Homepage of KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V. in German)