Throwback to our Greenfinity Spring Clean 2023

Four days, four myWorld partners, four different regions, bagfuls of collected trash, donations for the construction of 5 wells and lots of fun - that was our Greenfinity Spring Clean 2023!

March 24 - Spring Clean in Liezen

We kicked off on March 24 in Liezen at our partner Elvis Pizzeria Cocktailbar. Special thanks to Bulan Ömer aka "Elvis" and his wonderful team of Elvis Pizzeria Cocktailbar, where you get without exaggeration one of the best pizzas in all of Upper Styria.

Greenfinity Fruehjahrsputz-Liezen mit Elvis

In addition to cleaning the streets of carelessly discarded trash, another focus on this day was collecting donations for the construction of wells in Brazil. Elvis and his team certainly made the kick-off of our spring cleaning tour something special with their warm and funny manner. He and his family learned about our well project and in general about the sad reality in Bahia for the first time during the event and did not hesitate to help the people there. Even before the day's event was over, they decided to donate a drinking water well for a family!

Another local who surprised us with his support on this day was Peter Kettner, the District Chamber Chairman of the Liezen Chamber of Agriculture. A big thank you to everybody who joined us!

March 25 - Spring Clean in Kapfenberg

The 2nd station of our Spring Clean led us to Kapfenberg, where we and our partners Verein für Quellen und Hilfsprojekte and Waldrestaurant VIDA, invited people to clean the streets of this beautiful city together with us. Our special thanks go to Lohan Viorel, the owner of the rustic restaurant famous in the region for its excellent “Schnitzel” and his dedicated and wonderful team.

Greenfinity Fruehjahrsputz- Kapfenberg mit Lohan

Whoever knows Lohan Viorel knows: he is a person with a big heart! This became clear once again in the course of our event in Kapfenberg, and not only because he himself donated a well for a family in Bahia. Our environment and its protection are personally close to his heart and when we contacted him at the beginning of the year with the question if he would like to support us in implementing the Greenfinity Spring Clean as an awareness raising event in Kapfenberg to sensitize the population to the problem of littering and at the same time provide families in Brazil with access to safe drinking water, he did not hesitate for a moment and was immediately on fire. From the initial planning phase to the day of the event itself, we were able to count on the full support of the entire VIDA team and for that we would like to express our sincere thanks!

March 31 - Spring Clean in Fohnsdorf

Together with the vice mayor of the municipality of Fohnsdorf, Ing. Mario Lipus and municipal employee Markus Brunnhofer, we cleaned the streets up to the beautiful ruin in Fohnsdorf from carelessly discarded trash. We were thrilled that Paul and Markus Schicho from the Judenburg band „Die Seckauer” provided us with musical accompaniment through part of the event and ensured a good atmosphere with folksy tunes at our get-together at our partner Hotel Fohnsdorf.

Greenfinity Fruehjahrsputz- Fohnsdorf mit Hotel Fohnsdorf

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to Nadine Gerda Halbrainer and her team from Hotel Fohnsdorf! Nadine is a mother herself and when she heard about our plan to implement a spring cleaning as an awareness raising measure in Fohnsdorf, she was immediately enthusiastic and agreed without hesitation to participate with her hotel. Her extremely friendly team charmed the attendees at the get-together before and after the trash collection and contributed significantly to the great atmosphere on this day.

April 1 – Spring Clean in Graz

The highlight of our Greenfinity Spring Clean Tour 2023 was on April 1 in Graz, where we joined forces with our partner Pizzeria Mirano to call for a joint cleanup of the streets in the area and raise people's awareness of the problem of littering.

Greenfinity Fruehjahrsputz- mit Pizzaria Mirano

For this special event, we couldn't have asked for a better partner than Pizzeria Mirano in Graz. Why? Because for the warm-hearted team of the authentic Neapolitan pizzeria in Liebenauer Hauptstraße, environmental protection is not just a buzzword, but a lived reality. In addition, the cozy restaurant with its stylish ambience, its friendly team and its exceptionally delicious food provided the perfect atmosphere and invited guests to stay longer.

A special highlight on this day was the handing over of the donation check to our partner Verein für Quellen und Hilfsprojekte! Through our raffles at all 4 stations, a total of 3000 euros in donations came in! This means that 5 new wells can soon be built in Bahia! A big thank you to each and every one who participated in our raffle and made it possible to give 5 families access to clean drinking water!

Insgesamt konnten wir 3000 Euro für unser Brunnenprojekt sammeln!

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported us during this year's Greenfinity Spring Clean.