June 2022
Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, Brazil

Ecological Restoration project Greenfinity Forest to bring back biodiversity in Brazil

An ecological restoration project in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor to protect our climate together with the local communities.

Rainforest deforestation has reached alarming proportions: Brazil accounts for 42% of the world’s rainforest destruction since 2001. And, with it, our CO2 stores disappear too which only fans the flames of global warming.  In partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation, the Greenfinity Foundation started a reforestation project in Brazil which should help to compensate for a portion of the CO2 emissions.

Rainforests – the "green lungs" of the Earth are threatening to become "smoker's lungs"

Forests play not only a fundamental role in the natural world and our environment, but also maintain our climate as it should be.  Trees are able to bind carbon dioxide and, as such, act as important CO2 storage devices and oxygen producers.  Above all, rainforests perform an important function where our climate is concerned: If you were to measure all of the world's rainforests ability to produce oxygen, they are responsible for 40 per cent of the air's oxygen.

Rainforest Amazonas reforestation

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest processes over two million tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis and, in so doing, combats the advance of climate change.  The Amazon Rainforest is a popular topic of discussion in the media at the moment, however not in the positive senes: Huge forest fires are currently dramatically reducing the number of trees.  Yet huge areas of rainforest are being cleared in a targeted fashion so that people can make use of them for agriculture.  As a result, CO2 stored in the atmosphere is released and less oxygen can be produced.

Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation

A destructive chain reaction

Nevertheless, approximately 60,000 square metres of tropical rainforest are globally destroyed on an annual basis and used for the cultivation of agricultural produce.  The grave consequences which accompany deforestation are often forgotten.  These huge deforested areas become infertile very quickly as monocultures are introduced and pesticides destroy the ecosystem.

Furthermore, more than 100 species die out everyday as more than half of all animal and plant species live in tropical rainforests. It's not only plants, animals and local people who suffer –  if climate change develops, then we will all be affected!

fruits of Rainforest Amazonas in danger of extinction

Reforestation project protects our climate

It is for this reason that the Greenfinity Foundation has decided to cooperate with the Black Jaguar Foundation for the purpose of the reforestation project Greenfinity Forest. The project is part of the reforestation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, one of the largest reforestation projects in the world, which is implemented by the Black Jaguar Foundation. The Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor is a 2,600 kilometre-long and 40 kilometre-wide surface area along the banks of the Araguaia river which connects two of the most important ecosystems worldwide: the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado Savanne.  Over the last few decades, the area has almost been cleared entirely.

Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation
Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation
Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation

Restoring together with local communities

As well as the consequences which have already been discussed, local farmers experience huge issues which are caused by the clearances.  Their soil becomes less and less fertile as water can no longer be absorbed by the soil.  Due to this, they have to water their entire harvest crop and, due to monocultures, the plants have no natural pest control.  Only if a healthy ecosystem can be established, can areas of land in the region cultivate crops again.  That's why, during the course of the reforestation project, much emphasis is placed on the value of cooperating with local farmers.  They support the establishment of tree cultivation stations and the reforestation itself.


As a means of providing seeds for the large-scale ecological restoration project, the Araguaia Seed Network was developed. It is now making a real difference for the communities living in the Araguaia region. The field team from our partner Black Jaguar Foundation has been conducting trainings for the communities in the settlements of the Araguaia region. They visited many different settlements and provided training and technical equipment to incentivize participation in our project.

Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation
Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation
Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation
Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation

Raise awareness of the value of nature

Thanks to the Greenfinity Foundation's commitment and their ability to collaborate with the population, they have been able to raise awareness of the value of forests for people, animals and plants.

A healthy rainforest for a positive global CO2 balance

The aim of the project is to restore the ecological balance in the region and thus to create a fertile habitat.  Reforestation should, however, also help to develop an intact ecosystem on a global scale as a healthy rainforest ensures a balanced, global CO2 balance and prevents climate change from continuing to take hold.

Rainforest Amazonas reforestation Black Jaguar deforestation

Supporting a reforestation project is a fantastic opportunity to compensate for your own CO2 emissions.  Unfortunately, today's lifestyle calls for high CO2 consumption: in 2016, the CO2 emissions in Austria amounted to 7.19 tonnes per head, in Germany 8.8 tonnes and in the USA 14.95 tonnes.  In the transport sector, the figures are particularly critical: A short-distance flight produces 140 to 310 kgs of CO2 but a long-distance flight, such as a transatlantic flight, produces between 3.5 and 5.5 tonnes. Driving 100 km in an average car produces CO2 emissions of approximately 18 kg.

The figures indicate that we need to drastically change our approach.  Reforestation plays a decisive role in this.  Even by planting just one tree, you have a positive effect on the global CO2 balance.  A beech tree processes 12.5 kgs of CO2 every year, for example – enough to compensate for one journey in the car.

Become a part of this remarkable reforestation project and seize the opportunity to offset your average annual CO2 emissions!


According to the World Bank, the current global average of CO2 emissions per capita is estimated at 5 tons per person per year. An unbelievably high figure! This is exactly why the reforestation of our forests and especially the Amazon rainforest is so important. Because a native tree in the Amazon rainforest alone can bind 150 kg of CO2 in only 26 years.

Together with the Black Jaguar Foundation, we have developed various donation packages that allow you to make a meaningful and, above all, tangible contribution to the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity:


Rainforest-Buddy: with only 15 euros per month, 36 local trees can be planted in the Amazon Rainforest in one year thanks to you.

Rainforest-Supporter: with 30 euros per month, 72 local trees can be planted in the Amazon rainforest in one year.

Rainforest-Champion: with 50 euros per month, an incredible 120 local trees can be planted in the Amazon rainforest in one year.


In addition to the pre-defined tree donation packages, there is also the option to make a larger donation starting at 500 euros to fund 100 local trees or more. While with the other donation packages you achieve the greatest impact by taking on a monthly sponsorship, with this option (Rainforest-Hero) you also make a great impact with a one-time or annual donation.

Save the rainforest

If you want to be part of this remarkable reforestation effort and offset your average annual CO2 emissions, click here:

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Creation of natural habitats for flora and fauna
  • Protection of numerous species
  • Restoration of biodiversity
  • Restoration of a globally-significant CO2 store and oxygen producer
  • Secure farmers' livelihoods in the region







Projekt Location

Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, Brazil

Project period
as of October 2019
Concrete Realisation
  • Recultivation of underused land
  • Preservation of farmers' livelihoods and those of other land users thanks to the reforestation and regeneration of the soil
Convenantee group
  • Local habitants and wildlife
  • Humankind and their future on this planet
Project partner

Black Jaguar Foundation